When Good Nibs are Treated Badly! Beware of the “Abrasive Beast!”

Don’t you just love it when someone uses sandpaper on your nib, in their “skilled” attempt to smooth it for you?
Nothing good comes from this, all you get is a flat “foot” that is scratchy, and does not write well.

Such good nibs, with good tipping often fall victim to the “Abrasive Beast.” Good intentions I am sure, but the end results are often less then desired, and mostly worse.

Consider these two nibs recently sent to me, suffers of Abrasive Beast. Then, after careful, skilled work on my part, the tipping has been saved. I was even able to take out the scratches on the top of the modern Duofold nib, and re-plate the nib to the original configuration, a white arrow, and yellow gold surround.

Enjoy these two slide shows below of the before and after work done, and remember, when someone promises you they can smooth your nib, the Abrasive Beast is lurking in their pocket, ready to flatten your nib tip in no time!

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