When Amateurs Retip Nibs :-(

Today’s retip work afforded me the opportunity to share what is out there in regard to retipped nibs.

This Matador Nib is a prime example of very crude, amateur work.

Notice closely the tines are not even aligned; one tine has too much material on the bottom of the nib near the tip, the other tine has too much on the top.

Also notice the tipping material? Very pock marked and dull looking. This is not real iridium material, this is just silver wire that has been fused to the nib, again rather poorly. The pock marks makes for very rough, scratchy writing too.

After a few hours of careful clean up, and then my proper retipping process, the nib is now in good shape, and per the customers request, a fine/extra fine retip, clean looking, straight and vintage looking too.

Enjoy the before and after photos and let me know if I can save one of your nibs from the amateur nib folks out there today!

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