(SOLD 05/16/17 THIS PEN IS GOING TO CONNECTICUT!) Wahl #3 All Metal Smoooooooth Extra Fine Wet Noodle Flex!

You gotta get this pen!

Get this pen now!

Wahl #3 all metal Smooooooooth extra fine wet noodle flex! I know you are out there you all metal Wahl fans!

Fully restored, great condition, interesting “prize” engraving on the barrel, actually, quite neat, typing award by Smith, maybe Smith-Corona typewriters?

Remember, my prices are way lower then even Ebay; check out this link to a “sale” of a flex Skyline;

$550+Skyline on eBay

Get it now for only $130.00 plus shipping by emailing me at greg@gregminuskin.com for this deal!

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