(SOLD IN 3 HOURS, 29 MINUTES THIS PEN IS GOING TO OHIO!) Treasure’s From The London Pen Show 2019!

Yes, I brought back a few, precious treasures from the London Pen Show!

This pen is a very early Onoto #3 hard rubber slip cap plunger filler fully restored! A very rare pen indeed! This pen fills just like a plunger Sheaffer’s pen whereby you build up pressure when you push the plunger down and then you hear a “pop” and the pen fills!

Those “other” dealers here sell this pen for well over $350.00!

Look at the juicy flex that nib makes, wonderful flow! Calligraphy would look no better with this pen! No cracks on the fragile cap lip, new gaskets and seals installed and ready to go for the unbelievable low, low price of just $130.00 plus shipping now by emailing me at greg@gregminuskin.com today!

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