The Top American Executive Set! Sterling Parker 75 Fountain Pen and Matching Ball Point!

Oh, these sets don’t come along that often!

And when they do, they sell very, very quickly!

You are looking at a very desirable and hard to obtain sterling Parker 75 fountain pen and cap clicking ball point set! This is the top of quality, American craftsmanship, and style!

This set is special; the nib is a juicy .70mm Stub too! Perfect for note taking and journaling; I have quite a number of lawyer clients, and doctors, that love these sets, for you have the best of both worlds, the ball point for pressing down, and the fountain pen for signatures.

Notice no dents either, another rarity!

I have see “other” sites selling this set for well over $520.00; here you get it for only $250.00 plus shipping, wow! 1/2 the price, 100% of the value, you can’t go wrong!

Email me quickly at today for this rare chance to get a wonderful set like this today!


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