The First Meeting of the Orange County Pen Club, TOTAL SUCCESS!

And how could it not be a total success without the wonderful venue that our host Matthew Greenberger provided for us in the very spacious lobby of his medical practice! The A/C blew cold, there were comfy chairs TO SIT IN and of course the snacks, yum!

Then there are the pens, and pen experts!

Oh, but the Raffle! THE RAFFLE! I was bestowed upon by the lofty powers of those very high, a very special honor, steeped in tradition and going back centuries. Feeling as if I was receiving the sacred Olympic flame at the Temple of Delphi on Mount Parnassus, I was presented with a magic, silver bag. Inside was the official symbol that represents my new, illustrious title of:


This symbol of my new found power and prestige is the mighty “SCEPTER OF THE RAFFLE” see photo below;

Poorly painted and sloppily foil decorated but bejeweled with the most cheesy of glimmering rhinestones (actually only one red one) and having the heft of a pair of plastic salad tongs, this mystical and enchanted wand of pen collecting is now in my most trusted and guarded custody, to weld with judicious pride at all Orange County Pen Club meetings!

As your RRS (Royal Raffle Servant) you will need to attend all future meetings so that I may bestow upon you with little knightly pomp and even less circumstance, blessings of “Penliness” when we will again hold court again for the Orange County Pen Club that will happen again in November! Check out the link below for more photos of the OC meeting just now past and lets see you there in November 2nd, 2019 from 12-3pm. Remember, there is more “swag” to give away!


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