The Extremes of Packing Your Pen/Nib to Me for Shipping!

So, you are ready to send me your nib/pen, great! Turn around time is running just 2-3 weeks. Well, how do you pack your pen/nib? Two examples pictured below, the “Extreme” way to make sure your pen arrives safely to me, and for the return trip, and then there is the “No So Extreme” way to send me your repairs, in this case, two nibs.

The tube weighs about 2 pounds, very secure, but usually one of those Priority Mail boxes that are free at the post office is sufficient with good wrapping/packing inside so nothing rattles or moves is sufficient.

The envelope; well, the nib conditions speak for themselves. The postal sorting machine squished the nibs, flattened them. Shame since these nibs are highly sought after flexible nibs.

So, best to use a nice sturdy box, readily available for free at your local post office, and with some packing, even old newspapers, you will be quite confident that your repairs will arrive safely to me.

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