Thanks Peter! Recent Client’s Feedback on a Rare Waterman’s Pink Keyhole Nib Repair I Did for Him and His Installation of the Nib in a Pen!

Hi Greg,

Well, I finally got around to installing this nib. A really nice smooth flex and very responsive too – just how I like it. I love the shape of the downward curve of the tip – looks like a bee-sting to me but, it doesn’t “bite” …..a well behaved nib!

It was difficult to find a pen to fit it. Too big for a standard 54 and too small for a 55; I concluded it was likely to be for an “ink-vue” model, and I couldn’t find one that I liked, or was prepared to pay high prices for to discard the nib….. and I don’t especially like them anyway. So, having this mint 54 with no nib I decided, as I was unlikely to find anyone to part with a nice flex #4 nib – to modify it to accommodate the new Keyhole nib and feed. I measured the nib and feed together at 5.8mm; ordered a reamer of that size and set about by hand, opening up the 54 section. It worked just fine, if a little nervously for me, and I then went about setting up the feed and nib with some gentle heat as one would normally.
So, the pen is all working nicely now and I’m impressed with the nib – really impressed! The next hurdle to overcome was the extra length of the nib; bottoming out inside the cap end. Anyway, to cut an even longer story short; I removed the inner cap quite easily to my surprise, and carefully removed about 1.5mm of material from the cap end with a suitable engineers quality drill bit wrapped in tape all but the end (to prevent damaging the threads) turning it with just my fingers. Success! and as it went well – I quite enjoyed the process!!





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