Thanks Kevin!

You really know how to get a pen geek excited (much to the disdain of my poor spouse.).

It looks fantastic. Your work is worth every penny and more. Thank you for caring for these wonderful old pens. I write every day with a Big Red alternating with a Vacumatic that you re-tipped to a stub and honestly, it makes the writing I do a pleasure. And I actually do write, making notes and documents still the old fashioned way, by hand. And I write letters also. And the book I am writing is in my terrible but nonetheless calligraphy hand. So pens are very much a way of life for me.

I look forward to receiving it. Please let me know if you need more for return postage.The pen needs a little more cleaning around the threads and the gold band is a little slippery around the cap. But your work gives it the muscle to do the job.

Thank you again. You are a master at your work and we are truly blessed for your efforts.

Sincere regards,
Kevin F.


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