Thank You Mark!

Hello, dear Greg.
I’m honored to be included on your site.

I purchased the Montblanc pen new from a Montblanc store in California.
It came with a B nib, but was always scratchy.
I enjoyed disposable Pilots much more for their consistent and smooth experience.
After it sat empty in a drawer for more than 5 years, I sent the pen to the official Montblanc service center in Texas,
and asked for the nib to be changed to this current EF nib.
After quite a large expense of money and time the pen was returned.
However, even with the new nib it was still scratchy, and it skipped when writing an upward or right-to-left stroke.

For much less money and in much less time (even with the delay due to the Chicago Pen convention),
you have returned this pen to me in the best writing condition it has ever enjoyed.

Thank you!


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