(SOLD IN 21 MINUTES, 10 SECONDS WITH 7 INQUIRIES, THIS PEN IS GOING TO TEXAS!) Super Rare Waterman’s 54 Red Hard Ripple Smooooth Needlepoint Wet Noodle Flex!

Don’t think for a minute this pen is just some ordinary Waterman’s! Rare 54 model with a nib all calligraphers would just die for; hairline results with wet, juicy flex delight for all your Copperplate lettering needs now!

Excellent gold filled trim, new ink sac installed! Those “other” sites sell this pen for $625.00; here just $315.00 plus shipping now by emailing me at greg@gregregminuskin.com and you better email me quick; someone else will want this pen before you can say “I want it!” to me now!

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