(SOLD 09/23/17 THIS PEN IS GOING TO CANADA!) Solid 14k Gold Waterman’s 552 1/2 V Extra Fine Wet Noodle Flex That Has Survived 2 World Wars and Beyond!

Well loved pen, and ready for a reboot with a new owner like you!

Genuine solid 14k gold Waterman’s 552 1/2 V with a factory extra fine wet noodle flex nib! Look at the performance of this nib, very smooooooth and delicious to write with, yum yum!

And a substantial pen in the hand, being solid 14k gold! Imagine this pen in the trenches of WWI being used by a Doughboy writing his sweetie back in the States, then after the war, the Roaring 20’s and being used to pen poetry on the Left Bank of the Seine River in Paris! Surviving then the 1930’s Depression and it did not get melted down, wow!

Again surviving the scrap drives and scarcity of war metals for WWII, the boom times of the 1950’s and beyond, now still around and well over 100 years old!

You should look so good in 100 years, right?

The scrap gold value of this pen is $287.00 at today’s gold value, today you can buy this true piece of history for only $315.00 plus shipping now! Email me at greg@gregminuskin.com to get this history and performance you can’t get in a modern pen today!

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