(UPDATE!) Saving An Onoto #7 Nib!

Quite the challenge and I am up to it! This poor Onoto #7 nib came in rather in poor condition, shortened and missing its tipping.

But after careful work to re-tip the nib to original shape/size/proportions as the factory would have done the tipping and a bit of re-plating of the platinum mask on the tines, the nib is now ready for many more years of service!

(UPDATE 11/13/19 Here is what the owner of this nib said when he received it:)

“Just to let you know The fountain pen nib of Onoto has arrived today sooner than expected and the workmanship is probably the best I’ve seen seen as a long standing vintage pen collector. I recommend Greg Minuskin to anyone for nib re-tipping services having seen the quality of his workmanship.”

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