Quite The Pen Haul Today at The 2018 Chicago Pen Show!

Pens? Pens? Yeap, I got them! Hard shopping by myself today with miles of walking down all the rows and the dealers came streaming in to set up.

I found some amazing pens, pens you want! Except for the Sheaffer’s the pens all have juicy, wet noodle flex nibs, just what you like!

Do you see the highly desirable Pelikan 140’s that will have needlepoint wet noodle flex nibs in the box? How about those Eversharp Skylines with those incredible flex wet noodle needlepoint nibs too? I have plenty as you can see and this is just the first day of my 3 day shopping extravaganza!

Enjoy the quick slide show of Day One of my shopping for you on this website and soon, when I return these pens will be ready for your purchase so keep checking back very soon!

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