(SOLD IN 7 HOURS, 19 MINUTES WITH 2 INQUIRIES, THIS PEN IS GOING TO MISSOURI!) Proving NASA Wrong? Scientific Proof That You Can “Scream” in a “Vacuum?”

Yeah, so I am playing around here, what fun it is though, he he!

This is a rare pen; a Sheaffer’s “Vacuum” in grey and black marble, and the pattern among collectors is called the “Scream” after Edvard Munch painting from 1893 of which the name comes from, I guess because of the various black “eyes” and “open” mouth patterns that the plastic lends itself to in various places on the pen;

Go figure!

But this pen has a nice, smooth juicy 1.00mm signature stub on it! Fully restored pen, new, full size ink sac, and no cracks in the cap lip (don’t get me started here, no “crack” in the screaming smile either:-))

Just $115.00 plus shipping! and perhaps you, the new owner, can prove that one can “Scream” in a “Vacuum” when it arrives at your mailbox 🙂

Email me at greg@gregminuskin.com to get this pen now and let me know what your location is for shipping so I can give you a total with immediate payment instructions; sorry no shipping to the ISS just to prove one can “Scream” in a “Vacuum” if you are there now 🙂

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