(SOLD IN 7 MINUTES, 18 SECONDS WITH 5 INQUIRIES, THIS PEN IS GOING TO STAY IN CALIFORNIA!) Parker Slender Maxima Vacumatic Double Jewel 1.10mm Juicy Stub!

Grail pen alert!

Yeap, the real deal, Parker Slender Maxima Vacumatic Parker Brown Striped Double Jewel 1.10mm Juicy Stub!

Fully restored, excellent condition gold filled trim with Art Deco Band (Circa 1939) and new diaphragm just installed! Some visulation in the section to see how much ink you still have left in the pen, nice!

Juicy and thirsty 1.10mm stub that is sure to please for those all important signatures!

Get this pen now for only $215.00 plus shipping today by emailing me at greg@gregminuskin.com!

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