Only What Professionals Use!

I often receive emails from folks wondering what tools I use to straighten nibs.

The answer is here.

Its called “The Beast.” Seven pounds of pure, stable steel hand crafted and machined for one purpose; to straighten nibs. Custom made for me by a friend who is a machinist in Kansas that manufactures oil exploration drills. Mandril can be moved for either left or right handed use.

No other nib block can compare, or even perform, with this professional tool.

Would you want your nibs straighten on anything less or an inferior nib block? I don’t think so. You see, those other nib blocks are too light, and the metal is too soft, and they don’t measure up to this professional tool.

Cost? You can’t afford it is what my friend said to me, but I can say there is over 11 hours work to make this one of the 7 wonders of the pen world!

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