(SOLD IN 5 HOURS, 38 MINUTES WITH 3 INQUIRIES, THIS PEN IS GOING TO NEW MEXICO!) Oh, Spencerian Flex Extra Fine Griesharber Twisted, Braided Mother of Pearl!

Rare to find one of these pens made by Griesharber, even rarer with the twisted mother of pearl and braided metal holder!

Amazing 1860’s dip pen with the original box! Look at the braided, twisted wire that curls around the twisted mother of pearl handle, with a small blue “ball” on the end, truly stunning and very Victorian in design!

Imagine yourself penning a letter with this 140+ year old pen, harking back to the days of personal correspondence, and if only this pen could talk, what stories it could tell!

For only $70.00 plus shipping you can fulfill your dream of Victorian writing pleasure by emailing me at greg@gregminuskin.com to get this pen today!

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