Nib Retips are only $65.00-$75.00 Here!

So, you are looking for a nib retip, easy, I am here to assist you, and with only a 2 week turn around time too.

I was looking around the internet, and saw this from another pen repair person:

Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub, Italic
X-Fine, X-Broad, 3B, Oblique, Broad-Italic or Stub, Needlepoint, or any Flexible nibs


And, there is a 6 month turn around to boot! I don’t charge a different price for different sizes either, only a modest $10.00 more for Parker 51 nibs, so you can get an extra fine/needlepoint nib retip, or a huge 1.90mm stub for the same price, $65.00 and shipping.

Hope to hear from you soon with your retipping needs!

Greg Minuskin

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