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Hi All in Pen Land!

As many of you may know, my first foray into vintage “goods” was in vintage watches, some 25+ years ago and I have to say, without reservation, I know the vintage watch business pretty good. Having worked for Sotheby’s as an expert appraiser for their West Coast auctions (7 years) and as an appraiser for the Antique’s Roadshow for an equal number of years, even today I find watches, when I find pens, and that is a good thing! 🙂

So, why not offer collectable, hand selected watches here too?

That is what I am going to do, there will be always the pens, and now watches, for sale.

See below some of my recent acquisitions from my last pen trip buy, which resulted in a few nice, investment grade watches as well.

Suffice it to say, there is a learning curve on these watches, and I will be putting in very detailed descriptions of each watch so you can learn, and see, what the watch world is all about. Believe me, you will not be disappointed!

So, check out these three watches.

(SOLD IN 1 HOUR 16 MINUTES WITH 7 INQUIRIES!) Starting from the left, an early Le Coulture bumper automatic, sub seconds, original patina egg shell white dial, and original hands, luminous material. Un-polished screw back case. Circa early 1950’s. Triple signed (case/dial/movement.)

Center; Early cut corner, square cushion case in sterling, triple signed (case/dial/movement) Longines, circa 1920’s. Two piece snap case, 15 jewels, original egg shell white patina dial with original luminous numbers/hands. Black enamel baked in number outlines on each luminous number and minute track, as well as name.

(SOLD1 9/18/13 WITH 4 INQUIRIES, THIS WATCH IS GOING TO A SERIOUS COLLECTOR IN SPAIN!) Right; early, large size Universal Geneve Uni-Compax chronograph,circa late 1940’s. Steel screw back water resistance never polished/original finish case (never detailed or polished. Small chronograph pushers, original patina dial and hands. Notice the small register on the right. See the “longer” lines on the dial, spaced in 3’s? that is the minute register, and in the “old” days long distance phone calls were billed in 3 minute intervals. These longer lines helped one to time those long distance phone calls, so you know when the next “billing” segment of 3 minutes would be coming around.

Contrary to what you may believe, steel watches, vintage steel watches, are often worth more then gold watches; why? Well, usually the steel watches got more abuse, where cheaper (not made of gold) and therefore, compared to their gold counterparts, are harder to find in good condition, especially the higher grade models as seen in these two watches below. Usually people took care of gold watches, but steel, it was the workhorse of the industry, so examples are hard to find in good condition, especially un-polished and original dial examples.

Yes, these watches are for sale. I would like to discuss these investment quality watches with you if you are interested, please email at the usual and I will be happy to discuss with you these items, and future offerings, directly.


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