Lets Review What Happens When You Send Repairs Poorly Packaged

About every 6-7 months I receive a pen in the mail, just “thrown” into an envelope, or even nibs in letter envelopes, often with disastrous results.

Case in point below; what was once a nice hard rubber Waterman’s 52 is now just pieces, a victim of poor packing and skimping on the cost of mailing too. Just “tossing” in a pen into a padded envelope is not going to ensure your pen arrives in good condition to me. At the very least, wrapping the pen in bubble wrap would have mitigated this damage.

Oh, and there was no note on what do to with the pen once I received it.

The owner has yet to contact me. To protect their privy, I have covered their return address (which is the only identifying marks on the bubble packet letting me know it is their pen!)


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