Good to Know!

Hi Greg! Just wanted to update you.

For now it looks like I won’t need you to look at my Edison Pearl. After your initial email saying you pretty much steer clear of any pen that’s had Noodler’s ink in it, I decided to take the nib assembly apart and soak it in JBs Pen Flush. I had thoroughly cleaned the parts in water previously and yet, when sitting in a small amount of JBs, the liquid turned a fairly dark blue. I’m guessing this means that the Noodler’s ink had aggressively saturated and adhered to the feed assembly to the point where water along wouldn’t remove it. After some time in the pen flush liquid and a thorough rinsing, I put the pen back together and it works like new. I waited a day and tested again… Then waited another day and tested again. It seems to be perfect. But, wow, that Noodler’s ink must be some nasty stuff (as, of course, you already know).

I do have a couple of pens that need nib work. Eventually I’ll get my act together and send them to you.

Thanks again for your kind help and educating me!

Bob M.

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