(SOLD 10/12/18 THIS PEN IS GOING TO HAWAII!) Fresh From The 2018 Dallas Pen Show! Rare Sterling Barley Corn Waterman’s Flex!

Just returned from the 2018 Dallas pen show, shopping for you!

2 1/2 days of ferreting out the pen deals, and boy, do I have some good pens for you!

Check out this very rare fully sterling silver Waterman’s barley corn pattern 452 1/2 extra fine wet noodle flex!

I have left all the lovely sterling silver patina on the pen for you to enjoy, or you can take a polishing cloth and polish the pen up, your choice! I personally like things with the original patina on them, a sense of “earned” tarnishing I call it!

Fully restored, new ink sac installed, notice no name on the name plate on the barrel, and a VERY RARE PEN TOO BEING A BARLEY CORN PATTERN! All that juicy calligraphy flex you expect from a Waterman’s pen that deserves your hand today!

I saw similar, lesser condition pens with the barley corn pattern (lots of dents and well worn too) for well over $400 on those “other” sites!

You have to say “Yes, I want this pen now” by emailing me at greg@gregminuskin.com at only $155.00 plus shipping this pen will not last on the website!

Better get on the stick and email me now for this pen today!

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