(SOLD IN 5 HOURS, 1 MINUTE WITH 4 INQUIRIES, THIS PEN IS STAYING IN CALIFORNIA!) Excellent 1930’s Art Deco First Year Sheaffer’ Crest!

Don’t see these pens that often!

Sheaffer’s Crest first year, circa 1937 with the threads at the end of the section, and easy to maintain lever fill too!

Wonderful survivor, nice, juicy .70mm factory Lifetime nib original, visulated section to see how much ink you have, and really good condition cap with a name in it. These caps usually are very worn out, and beaten up, not this one! Well taken care of with only a hint of wear after almost 80 years, wow!

New, full size ink sac installed, ready to go for only $95.00 plus shipping NOW!

Email me immediately at greg@gregminuskin.com to get this pen today and be sure to let me know your location for shipping so I can give you immediate payment instructions!

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