Did You Know That November is Designated The “Festival of Flex” Fountain Pens?

Okay, so I made that up, but sure got your attention, right?

Wouldn’t that be nice though, a whole month dedicated to flex pens, think of the events one could plan; Ink O Rama parties, cupcakes with licorice “pens” on them, and what about pen shaped balloons, there has to be balloons! And of course “Pin the ink sac on the pen” game, gotta for sure do that!

To “celebrate” the month of November and “Festival of Flex” see below the tray of 12, yes, 12 Waterman flex pens that will be featured very soon on this website for sale!

Want to get into the “Flex” spirit? Watch for these pens soon and hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones that will immerse yourself in the aurora of flex pens soon!

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