(SOLD 03/04/18 THIS PEN IS GOING TO ARIZONA!) Custom 1.40mm Parker 51 Stub!

Step right up to this gem of a pen!

Custom 1.40mm stub Parker 51 fully restored! New diaphragm installed too! Jet black body and gold filled cap that works well. Some minor dings on the cap and wear but that nib is what you want now!

I saw at the recent L.A. Pen Show these pens with my custom BBB+ nibs in them sell for well over $325.00; here you can have this one for 1/3 off! Only $220.00 plus shipping now!

Also I sold another one of these at the show that was almost fought over by two people; one person had the pen in their hand, the other one had the cap!

Email me at greg@gregminuskin.com to get this pen before someone else snags it (California slag!)

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