(SOLD IN 3 HOURS, 51 MINUTES WITH 4 INQUIRIES, THIS PEN IS GOING TO MARYLAND!) Bargain 12 BOC Waterman’s Hard Rubber Extra Fine Wet Noodle Flex Eyedropper!

Great user pen this 12 BOC Waterman’s hard rubber extra fine wet noodle flex eyedropper pen is ready for your permanent ink and calligraphy lettering now! Fully functional with an unbroken cap, just missing the clip, and a gold filled barrel band that has lots of character from use. Perhaps this pen was in the Ardennes Forest of France or the Maginot Line being using by an American Soldier writing his sweetheart back home? The Date on the well traveled barrel band is 1915!

Get this pen now for only $90.00 plus shipping now by emailing me at greg@gregminuskin.com today!

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