In My Opinion; You Thought Vinyl Ink Sac’s Can Stand Up to Permanent, Non-Factory Inks? Look Again.

In my opinion, best to stay away from permanent inks like Noodler’s.

Well, add this lovely pen, and its now quite ruined vinyl sac, to the list of victims of permanent ink.

I received this modern Conway Stewart limited edition pen today with a request for a new ink sac. Getting the section apart revealed the shadowy mess within.

Called the customer and I asked what ink did he use in this pen. The answer was Noodler’s.

In my opinion, I suggest only using inks that are manufactured by pen companies, for they, the pen companies, have a “tacit” responsibility for their inks to work in fountain pens.




By the way, the Noodler’s ink in this pen was only in the pen for about 3 weeks, according to the pen owner. So, in my opinion, best to not put Noodler’s ink in fountain pens.

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