(SOLD IN 6 HOURS, 58 MINUTES WITH 5 INQUIRIES, THIS PEN IS GOING TO HONG KONG!) Alert! Grail Pen Alert! Waterman’s Marble Red Vein Pearl Patrician Art Deco Smooth Needlepoint Wet Noodle Flex!

I had a hard time securing this pen for you at the Chicago Pen Show! It was an “epic” battle with two other dealers, but I got it!

Grail pen for sure, Waterman’s Marble Pearl red vein Patrician Art Deco with that nib you want, you desire, and love for those hairline results you do with your Copperplate Spencerian Script! Look how fine of a hairline that almost disappears with a light touch!

Amazing wet noodle pen, fully restored with a new ink sac, no cracks on the cap lip and your for only $185.00 plus shipping now by emailing me at greg@gregminuskin.com today, but you better be fast, these pen sell quickly, don’t be disappointed when someone else buys its now!

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