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One Response to Testimonials

  1. stmonk says:

    just want to leave comments on the last service Greg provided.
    It was the nib re-tipping service.

    First of all, this was second time I trusted my Montblanc (silver ones !) pens to Greg and he did not break my trust. So Greg’s clients can trust him with pretty expensive pens.
    Second, Greg provides a very high quality service. Second time in a row, the pen re-tipping is amazing.
    Third, Greg goes “extra mile”. In my latest pen, he noticed the piston is not well lubricated. Greg lubricates it for me as part of his service and notifies me about this.
    Fourth, Greg speeded up his service and shipped pens back as soon as possible making me “very happy”. I expected, the service will take much longer.
    Moreover, what I like the most about Greg’s professionalism is the way he communicates during the service. Greg notified me when the pen was received, serviced, and shipped back. While serviced, Greg provided photos so I have no doubts what is happening during his service and what the result is. Simple and very effective.

    I am happy to recommend Greg to my friends and will come back to him for the pen service.
    Thank you, Greg so much.

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