Greg Minuskin
P.O. Box 1277
Tustin, CA 92781-1277

Phone: (310) 753-2349

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  1. InkedDoodle99 says:

    Do you repair fountain pen nibs?
    Im new to this website (plus im on mobile) and i want to have one of my first ever pens repaired.

  2. GregMinuskin says:

    Yes, I repair fountain pens. What type of pen do you have?

  3. mibanker says:

    I have a Pilot Custom 912 with a double broad nib which is just too wide a print for me. Can you grind it down?


  4. GregMinuskin says:

    Dear Mike, yes, I can assist you. Can you email me directly at Thanks Greg

  5. RichB46 says:

    Hi Greg,
    Two things:
    – Is it possible to receive notifications when you post new items for sale? I always seem to late to the party.
    – About a year ago you tuned the nib on my M800; since then this the smoothest, most well behaved pen nib I have had the pleasure to use. And, I’ve been using high end FP’s for over 40 years.
    Thank you, your craftsmanship and devotion to the industry (hobby), is greatly appreciated .
    Rich Bohrer

  6. GregMinuskin says:

    Dear Rich,

    Thanks for your email!

    All pens are sold on a first come, first served basis, so when you see something you like on my website, and it is not sold already, email me and I will be happy to let you know if you are a winner or not.

    Hope to make you customer soon! thanks!



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