Greg Minuskin
P.O. Box 1277
Tustin, CA 92781-1277

Phone: (310) 753-2349

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  1. ammar says:

    I have an old Parker that my dad gave me, I think its Parker 51 with golden cap and grayish pearl. It is missing the nip and I would like to repair it.

    Which nip should I order? Is it easy to place in a new nip?
    How much will cost me to send to you for repair


  2. GregMinuskin says:

    Dear Ammar,

    Thanks for your inquiry! Yes, I can assist you with your Parker 51. Usually these pens came with either a fine or medium nib. Cost would be $90.00 to install one of my stock, original Parker 51 nibs, either a fine or medium, plus the return postage with only a 3 day turn around time!

    Let me know, I look forward to helping you out!



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