Great Customer Right Off the Bat!

Just received this email below from a prospective new client.

Hello Greg,

I have been talking with a couple of folks here in Ontario and we all 
have some nibs that need re-tipping. I was wondering if it would be 
possible to do a group shipment to you.
I would be more than happy to look after the payment to you and 
collect from the people here so that it wouldn’t turn into an 
adventure for you.
If international shipping is an issue I also have a US address that 
could be shipped to as a last resort.

Thank you so much for your time with this.

All the best


What impressed me about “Philip” is that he was well informed about shipping from out of country, along with the procedures for payment. It is sometimes difficult to receive packages from another country, or send them for that matter. What has worked for me with 100% delivery is using the U.S. Registered Mail system which affords the best possible safety as well as tracking for packages. Sure, it may take a bit longer, but in the end the package arrives safely without issues.

I suggest that when you nibs and pens from outside the U.S. to me, it is best to send it as a registered package, in the manner that your country allows. During non-holiday times the longest I have had a package from overseas come to me (I am referring to a Montblanc 149 from Croatia!) the mailing took only 10 days. 

I welcome all overseas clients to send me their work with the full assurance that using the U.S. Registered Mail system, that their pens/nibs will be going back to them in the best and most secure form of transport.

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