Jim Sanders, Pooh Corner Pens

Greg would be the nib meister I would recommend. Not that I don’t like B– or M–, etc., but Greg cranks out his work with expertise and in a reasonable amount of time, usually under 2 weeks, there and back. Greg has been trained by the masters himself, so you can’t do much better I don’t think. I have a couple of other pens to send to Greg as well, so just send the Marlen on to me. I may not get it ground; dunno. I like to try em out before I grind em.
Greg has done several nibs for me personally, several for my customers and many for people I’ve recommended to him. He does nib straightening, tine fixing, re-tipping, re-grinding and flow adjustments. Can’t ask for much more.
He’ll ask you to send him a writing sample with the pen you want ground and what tip you’re thinking you want. He then does the work and emails you a sample of the writing with the re-grind and lets you take a look and see if it looks fine to you.
Anyway, I can’t say enough good things about Greg. I just don’t want him to get so busy that he starts taking 6 months like the “big boys” 🙂

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