(SOLD! 5/30/10) A Special Opportunity to Own a Piece of History!

(WOW, SOLD! 5/30/10) As some of you may know, I get watches in now and then that I refurbish and then sell. The watch below is a recent purchase, and now has been subjected to a full restoration. This is a 1965 all American made Accutron 214 Spaceview! A sympathetic restoration has been done on this watch, with the case polished and the case back grained. Not all scratches removed, as one does not want to polish off too much of the case!

The movement has been professionally serviced, and a new band fitted, padded, and stitched. similar to what would have been on the watch back in 1965. Timing is now around 2 seconds a day. Not bad for a 45 year old watch!

Please email me asap for price as this watch rarely comes up for sale, with so-so examples on eBay costing over $450.00. This watch is really nice, and quite desirable.

One of my clients who purchased the a similar watch to this about 2 years ago has this wonderful testimonial to say about buying watches from me, and pens too:

Greg’s worked on many of my pens and always does an awesome job. I had been searching for years for a Acutron Spaceview that I could wear as a daily wear. Although I saw many on the web it was hard to verify if they had been mod’d and exactly what condition the watch was in. Greg and I started chatting about watches and Greg had one that was perfect for me, recently refurbished and in great condition. With Greg’s background in watches, it was a no brainer for me to know that I was getting a reliable timepiece at a great value. The spaceview is an eye catcher and I always get compliments on it, I love it.

Best Regards,


Did you notice that this watch has the original, earlier crystal? The later crystal has the Accutron symbol (tuning fork) at the 12 o’clock position. An original crystal has the symbol right under the name “Accutron.”

Nice original Accutron Spaceview


Side view


Close up of the original crystal


Back view, nicely grained, date code M5

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