Have you ever seen this watch? I bet not!

Once in a while I come across an unusual watch, and this one for sure qualifies. It is a Sychronar 2100 made by Riehl. Rather rare for sure, and really cool. Basically it is a fully contained watch, completely sealed, with solar panels on the top. The operation of the functions are accomplished with small switches on top, which are magnetic, which activate small magnetic reed switches inside the plastic case. The whole unit is attached to a steel top, steel bracelet. Completely American made.

There are three models, this being the latest one, called the Mark III. Pictured below are some photos. The watch has two time zones, Daylight saving mode, Alarm, Stop Watch, Elapsed Time Indicator, Stop Watch, Day/Date/Year, and get this, you can correct the timing of the quartz module through a series of switch “flicks.” How many quartz watches can you do this too? Finally,

I have the original box and paperwork/instructions on how to adjust the watch, and a copy of the patent for this watch filed with the U.S. Patent Office back on November 6, 1973!

Those are Solar Panels on the top

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